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Our Featured Brands

Learn more about the contact lens lines that we carry.

  • Acuvue
  • Bausch & Lomb
  • CooperVision
  • Alcon
  • 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST is the #1 selling daily disposable contact lens brand in the world. A legacy of market experience and clinical studies attest to an excellent safety record. Premium EYE-INSPIRED™ Innovations deliver an exceptional vision experience2 within reach:
    • Antioxidants to support comfort
    • UV-blocking for eye health
    • Moisture-infused for hydration
    • Invisible edge for comfort
  • Key Message for Patients
    • The Lens Your Eyes Would Choose™
    • Exceptional vision and performance
    • Superior, all-day comfort
    • Gentle on the eye
    • Sharper, brighter, clearer vision
    • Highest level of UV protection available in a daily disposable lens
    • Also available for Astigmatism
  • DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses combine two unique technologies that deliver outstanding comfort and visual performance. Water Gradient Technology SmarTears® Technology
  • SMARTSHIELD® technology
    • Ultra-thin protective shield around the outer surface to minimize the amount of exposed silicone
    • Resists deposits from lipids
    • Helps the lens resist changes from everyday cosmetic product use, including hand creams and makeup
    HYGRAGLYDE® moisture matrix
    • A proprietary moisture technology for silicone hydrogel lenses
    • Attracts and retains lens surface moisture for a lasting moisture boost
    • Helps keep the lens surface hydrated
    • The healthier way to whiter, brighter eyes for your nearsighted or farsighted vision. AT A GLANCE
      • Ease and convenience
      • Whiter, brighter eyes
      • Nearsighted and farsighted vision correction
      • Amazing affordability
      • Moisture means comfort
      • UV protection**
    • Premium soft contact lenses. Luxurious extended-wear comfort. AT A GLANCE
      • Monthly replacement
      • Lenses stay moist and comfortable
      • Naturally wettable so you're less likely to need additional wetting drops
    • Key Features & Benefits
      • Exceptional vision with aspheric optical design
      • Comfort-enhancing AerGel material resists protein deposits
      • Allows a high level of oxygen for healthy, white eyes
      • Daily wear or up to 30 days continuous wear
      • Also indicated for therapeutic use
    • Designed to meet the demands of digital device users.
      • Nearly 60% of adults spend 5 or more hours on digital devices each day.
      • 73% of individuals in their 20s report symptoms of digital eye strain.3
      • 9 OUT OF 10 PATIENTS AGREE that Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® Contact Lenses help relieve their eyes from feeling dry and tired after a long day of looking at digital devices

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    For those of you who have received notice of your 80+ driving assessment:

    You are welcome to book an appointment with our office to complete the vision assessment, however, we wanted to inform you that OHIP does not cover any service related to the continuation of a driver's license, including the eye exam and the report. Alternatively, you may visit a DriveTest location to obtain the required vision tests at no charge to you.