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Thumbnail designerWhether or not you require vision correction, sunglasses can add an element of comfort and enhanced performance to your activities while helping you look great. It’s always handy to have a second pair of eyeglasses - why not choose a second pair that makes a real difference in the comfort and clarity of vision while doing the things you love most!


Nonprescription Sunglasses
Think fashion and function when choosing the right shades for you.

Prescription Sunglasses
Prescription sunglasses will allow you to enjoy (and see!) your time outdoors, hassle-free.

Sunglasses for Kids
Because children spend so much time outdoors in direct sunlight, they need sun protection even more than adults.

Performance and Sport Sunglasses
Activity-specific lenses can enhance whatever activities you enjoy.

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For those of you who have received notice of your 80+ driving assessment:

You are welcome to book an appointment with our office to complete the vision assessment, however, we wanted to inform you that OHIP does not cover any service related to the continuation of a driver's license, including the eye exam and the report. Alternatively, you may visit a DriveTest location to obtain the required vision tests at no charge to you.