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Optical Dispensary & Lab

optical dispensary labOur optical dispensary at St Lawrence Optometry provides excellent service and only the highest quality frames and lenses for your visual and physical comfort. Being fitted for new glasses requires knowledge and experience in both frame and lens design. Our courteous and experienced dispensing staff include Canadian Certified Optometric Assistants who are experts in fitting glasses for people of all ages. Many factors are taken into account, including the nature and strength of your prescription, available lens materials, your lifestyle (hobbies, occupation, etc.), your comfort and of course we want you to look great! We carry a wide selection of frames, in styles to suit any budget. We have an on-site laboratory where we assemble glasses ensuring the highest degree of quality control.

We provide every type of available lenses, including:

  • single vision lenses
  • bifocals and trifocals
  • progressive addition lenses
  • occupational and computer lenses
  • safety lenses and frames
  • many types of sun protection including transition lenses, polarized sunglasses (both prescription and non-prescription), fit-over sunglasses and sunglass clips

When you pick up your finished glasses, we will professionally adjust them for comfort and best vision and review with you instructions regarding care, maintenance and proper usage. We are happy to fill glasses prescriptions for patients examined at our clinic, or for any patients with a valid prescription written elsewhere.

We dispense a number of different lens types from optical labs including Nikon, Zeiss, Hoya and more. We also carry specialty lenses for aniseikonia (perceived image size difference due to the prescription between the two eyes being different than one another) called Shaw lenses. You can also inquire about the varied range of lens coatings available for anti-glare including ones specifically for night driving and blue light blocking.

Specifically, we dispense lenses with a FL-41 tint which is a rose tinted lens that can help ease migraine headaches, blepharospasm, light triggered seizures, computer vision syndroms and other light sensitive/triggered conditions. Ask one of our lab staff for details on what lenses and coatings are right for you.