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Are children covered for eye exams?

All children under the age of 20 are covered for a full eye exam once a year by OHIP. If there are any concerns within the year (eg. squinting in the classroom, difficulty with reading) then OHIP covers any partial appointments as needed too!

When should my child have their eyes checked?

We begin checking a child’s eyes at 6 months of age to ensure visual development is on the right track. Based on visual development milestones we also recommend a child having their eyes checked at 18 months and 3 years of age and every year after that. Your optometrist may recommend a different interval based on a number of factors. At the very least having your child’s eyes checked before they start school ensures they will have the best start to many years of education ahead! Children with uncorrected vision can have:

  • Short attention span for their age (be misdiagnosed with ADHD)
  • Difficulty completing written assignments on time (poor performance)
  • Reading and learning difficulties (increased special education resources)

Do you want a cute story to read to your child before their first visit? Download Howard And The Amazing Eye Exam.

What is the Eye See Eye Learn program?

Eye See…Eye Learn® is part of a national children’s vision initiative to help build awareness about the importance of eye health and vision care as part of a child’s best start and healthy development.

The program exists so we can provide any child in Junior or Senior Kindergarten who requires glasses to get a pair at no cost to them. By removing the barrier of cost every child can have an eye examination and the eyewear they need during some of the most important visual development times of their lives. There is no cost to the parent for the eye examination as all children are covered under OHIP.

The program was put in place to encourage parents to have their childrens’ eyes checked before starting school as 80% of learning is visual. One in four children have a vision problem and we want to help these children as soon as possible.

To learn more about this program, please go to our YouTube channel here.

What is the Eye-M-Growing Program offered at St. Lawrence Optometry?

Eye-M-Growing is a program offered through our clinics whereby any child under the age of 16, within 16 months of getting a pair of glasses, get a second set of lenses at no charge. Children can be hard on glasses or can be forgetful, like leaving them at school at the end of the day. If they need a replacement pair or just a second back up pair left at home, then this is the answer for you! As always there is a 2 year warranty for manufacturer issues on all frames and lenses that we provide.